Spirit Of The West


Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the west, Hotel Drover delivers true Texas hospitality while reconnecting to a timeless culture.

Drovers roamed the Texas plains for decades, herding longhorn cattle from the South and driving them to railheads in the North. Fort Worth served as the final stop on their trek and the first chance they got to rest their head before heading home. 

Exterior of Hotel Drover with lighted cowboy sign atop portico
Metal cactus statues and bronze lanterns next to distressed wooden table topped by pottery
Sophisticated library seating area with book-filled shelves and leather sofas

Hotel Drover harnesses the true spirit of the stockyards through the legacy of the drovers. Celebrating history, without being tied down by it. Respectful of the past, but relevant to the future. Proud of the western heritage, all are welcomed with a tip of the hat and a firm handshake.  

Desk with stylish blue chair, books, lamp, and framed art with cowboy boots above
Nightstand with blue drawers between two beds with white linens and red wooden headboards
Distressed gray leather chair in guestroom corner next to nightstand with horse photo above

Using the same branding process that drovers used to mark livestock, Hotel Drover invites guests to leave a unique mark of their own. You’ll need a firm grip and a steady hand as you journey out back to the branding station to create your one-of-a-kind Hotel Drover leather luggage tag. Bonding you to those that have stayed before you and should you see a fellow cowboy/girl in the wild, remember to extend a friendly Hotel Drover hello. After all, at Hotel Drover it’s said that strangers are just friends that haven’t met yet.