Play Naughty, Sleep Saintly


The founder of The Saint Hotel explains the inspiration behind its unique “Archangel Suites” and what it means to “play naughty” in New Orleans.

When commercial pilot Mark Wyant got stuck in New Orleans en route to his home in Dallas, he never dreamed of leaving town as the owner of the historic Audubon Building. He’s since converted it into The Saint Hoteljoined our collection, and opened five unique “Archangel Suites.” We spoke to Mark about the designs. 

Exterior, upward view of The Saint Hotel port cochere

Mark, what was the inspiration for the suites? 

The Saint Hotel is unlike anything in New Orleans, and I wanted to ensure that theme carried through to the suites. I wanted to create spaces that were not only the ultimate in luxury, but provided guests a way to “Play Naughty” and “Sleep Saintly.”

Suite living area with white leather sofas, bar and dining seating, portraits of Greek statues

Which is your favorite suite and why?

There’s no way I could pick just one! However, the Michael and Lucifer Suites feature one-of-a-kind design never seen before in New Orleans. For example, in the Lucifer Suite you’ll find antique Victorian pieces we uniquely refinished with exotic and luxurious fabrics.

Bedroom with king bed, burgundy walls, dark wood furnishings, and portraits of Saints and Angels

What does “play naughty” mean to The Saint Hotel? 

New Orleans is a city that allows you to step out of your routine and escape regular life. The city itself naturally has a “play naughty” atmosphere and that’s what The Saint Hotel is all about: heightened experiences and sometimes stepping out of the norm.