Nothing to Confess


Playing on centuries of history, Hotel Nassau Breda encourages guests to choose their path: sinner or saint.

Displayed throughout Hotel Nassau Breda are references, both straightforward and obscure, to the rich history of the courthouses and the chapel upon which the hotel was brought to life. On the same grounds, nuns once lived a pious life, royals have wined and dined and at one time the building served as student housing, playing host to wild parties.

Neo-Gothic Chapel with high ceilings, natural light, cocktail tables set up.

Look closely – nods to the past include original flooring, wood beams, stained glass, murals and confession booths. While updated amenities include holy water and lampshades crafted from nuns’ veils. 

Guest room with king bed, pale green beamed ceiling, and LED TV
Exterior view of historic Hotel Nassau Breda at dusk

All these details serve as a constant reminder, that regardless of your past or the path you choose, your sins are always safe with Hotel Nassau Breda. 

Building on the property’s history of religious significance, Hotel Nassau Breda has redesigned an old confession booth at The Chapel where guests are encouraged to confess their secrets, desires and even sins.