The Historic Davenport

Spokane, Washington, USA

Hotel chosen for:
Open Collection Principles

The Vision

Built on an inspiration to create an experience beyond the commonplace

The Unique Design

Hotels with a thoughtfulness and dedicated purpose to their design

The Place

Connected to its surroundings, this hotel is woven into the fabric of its locale

Grand History and Design

That’s no idle boast – The Historic Davenport in Spokane is not only Washington’s grandest hotel, but it has also been serving the great and the good (Clark Gable, John F. Kennedy, Ringo Starr) for more than a century.

Designed by acclaimed architect Kirtland Cutter more than a century ago, the hotel has earned a prized spot on the National Register of Historic Places, thanks to the extraordinary Spanish Renaissance lobby; the Hall of the Doges, Spokane’s oldest and most exquisite ballroom; and the Jazz Age-styled Peacock Room Lounge, with a 5,000-piece stained-glass ceiling – the perfect perch for pre- and post-show drinks for those traversing the lively downtown entertainment district.

10 South Post Street, Spokane, WA, United States