Park Chalet, Shahdag

Gusar, Azerbaijan

Hotel chosen for:
Open Collection Principles

The Vision

Built on an inspiration to create an experience beyond the commonplace

The Unique Design

Hotels with a thoughtfulness and dedicated purpose to their design

Rustic Luxury with Mountain Views

The Park Chalet is in the heart of Shahdag, the resort in the shadow of the Caucasus mountains that has traditionally served as the gateway between Europe and the Middle East.

The hotel serves as a gateway itself to a stimulating break for mind and body, from the rustic lodge design to the 164 guest rooms, with stunning mountain views and on-the-spot access to ski slopes and hiking trails. The Aspen Grill Restaurant nods to another winter-sport hot spot while offering hearty steak house fare after a day’s up- and downhilling.

Azerbiajan, Gusar-Laza Road Km 28-29, Shahdag