Hotel Nassau Breda

Breda, Netherlands

Hotel chosen for:
Open Collection Principles

The Unique Design

Hotels with a thoughtfulness and dedicated purpose to their design

The Mark of Craft

Unique experiences rooted in the hotel's personality

The Place

Connected to its surroundings, this hotel is woven into the fabric of its locale

Historic Splendor and Unexpected Luxury

At Hotel Nassau Breda, historic details play with cutting-edge design. Where nuns used to reside in a convent, now a Michelin-Starred chef prepares French cuisine. Where a neo-gothic chapel once looked down on religious services, now the space is filled with the gaiety of stylish events.

The hotel pays homage to its religious past in a playful way, from photographs of models as high-fashion nuns to the “Saint” and “Sinner” Do Not Disturb door signs. And in the old monastery, hundred-year-old stained glass is brightened by a bubblegum-pink ceiling. Located on one of the city’s oldest streets, the culturally curious can climb the tower of the Great Church, wander the perimeter of Breda Castle, and tour the Museum of the Image before relaxing in a cobblestoned sidewalk café.

Nieuwstraat 21-25, Breda, Netherlands