Boulevard Hotel Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan

Hotel chosen for:
Open Collection Principles

The Vision

Built on an inspiration to create an experience beyond the commonplace

The Unique Design

Hotels with a thoughtfulness and dedicated purpose to their design

The Place

Connected to its surroundings, this hotel is woven into the fabric of its locale

Business and Pleasure on the Caspian

The Boulevard Hotel is in the heart of Baku White City, the most eco-friendly district of the Azerbaijani capital, and it is named for the nearby promenade alongside the Caspian Sea.

The Boulevard is also the largest conference hotel in Azerbaijan, and its magnificent ballroom and meeting hall, with uninterrupted views of the Caspian, provides plenty of opportunities for blue-sea rather than blue-sky thinking. The Green House Kitchen continues the eco-theme with sustainable sustenance.

4c Khagani Rustamov Street, Baku, Azerbaijan