The Mark

To Bygones & Big Bands

From the Jazz Age to Big Bands, Pullman cars to private planes, F. Scott Fitzgerald lounging poolside to wartime Navy outpost, The Cavalier has been a fixture in over a century of American culture and history.

As the sun sets each night, and golden hour stretches over The Cavalier, guests ease into the rhythm and revelry of a golden age. On the hotel’s Great Lawn, a dapper bugler plays his horn to signal the day’s end and to indicate it’s time to gather in the Raleigh Room, a Grand Salon fashioned in a modern mold of Southern gentility.

Masterfully orchestrated songs from the Big Band era and Jazz Age – all performers who have played at the hotel itself – set the tone for a lively cocktail hour with classic spirits and fresh garden garnishes.

Suddenly, a modern Cavalier in full regalia announces himself to all gathered with a custom saber in hand to demonstrate the most celebratory way to open a bottle of champagne.

Onlookers count backwards from three as the Cavalier prepares to strike the bottle. With the pop of the cork, fellow guests are invited to enjoy a complimentary champagne toast: To another beautiful day gone by, and a wonderful night to come.