Natural Selection

Discover a hotel where sustainability is the way of life

Punta Islita, Costa Rica – Hotel No. 50

It’s paradise regained at Punta Islita, a hotel where sustainability is the way of life.

Hotel Punta Islita has everything to create an unforgettable tropical resort vacation: a stunning location in a secluded cove, a crystal-clear infinity pool, and luxurious rooms and villas in the beating heart of nature. But Punta Islita also has something extra: throughout its 20-year history, it has championed a planet-friendly, community-oriented approach to sustainability that has helped the hotel attain Costa Rica’s highest sustainability rating, five leaves, as awarded by the government-sponsored Certification for Sustainable Tourism program.

A Healthy Destination is a Welcoming Destination

More than 85 percent of the hotel’s staff is local, from entry-level to management positions, and the hotel has joined with the nearby rural village of Islita to create an open-air art museum that introduces visitors to local traditions and culture.

This responsible tourism model also includes programs for recycling (such as the use of old bed linens as canvases for local artists), reforestation, water management, energy conservation, native species protection (from a thriving sea turtle initiative to a successful partnership with the Arca Project, a local bird conservation group, to reintroduce red macaws to the region), and habitat recovery.

The hotel’s special selection of experiences as part of its Limitless Costa Rica program is designed to show this philanthropy in action. Eco-adventures and cultural activities include zip-lining, river kayaking, horseback riding, sea turtle spotting, howler monkey safaris, traditional cooking lessons, and art lessons with community artists. Visitors will forge a deep bond not only with this beautiful land but also with its friendly inhabitants. Hotel Punta Islita’s credo is that a healthy destination is a welcoming destination.