The Mark

An Evergreen Legacy

The "Leave Your Leaves" Initiative encourages guests to plant a tree in Papagayo bay

Imagine a private retreat nestled among mangrove preserves near the stunning beaches of northern Guanacaste offering respite from the everyday – this is El Mangroove. For many, the hotel is a gateway to “Pura Vida”, a contagious mindset meaning “pure life”. Those touched by the spirit of the island are often called back to its shores again and again.

The “Mangrove Ritual” was born for this reason, so that visitors may leave behind a green footprint and legacy to return to.

Twice a week, guests are invited to meet on the ocean terrace, overlooking the beach, to sip cocktails and watch the sunset as they plant native mangrove trees for the local area. Adopted plants will be certified and named after guests before being transferred to a designated area for reforestation. Upon return to Costa Rica, guests will be able to locate their tree in its new environment.

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