Autograph Collection's experiential cultural program celebrates and supports the creation and wider distribution of independent film – an art form that shares Autograph Collection Hotels’ ethos of championing individuality, creative expression, and diversity.

Autograph Collection’s broad support of indie filmmaking encompasses hosting screenwriters as well as filmmakers, their cast and crews, and screening these films at hotels around the world.  Autograph Collection has aligned with some of the most respected names working at the forefront of independent cinema including Franklin Leonard, Founder & CEO of The Black List, and digital entertainment distributor, FilmBuff.

Cinephiles can look forward to film premieres, live performances, director talks, screenwriter residencies, screenwriter labs, and a film channel dedicated to indie films at many Autograph hotels.

About The Black List

The Founder and CEO of The Black List, Franklin established the Annual Black List in 2005. The Annual Black List, along with other components of The Black List brand – including a script database, Screenwriter Labs, live performances and Leonard’s entertaining monthly podcast – has catalyzed writer/producer partnerships that have resulted in over 325 diverse feature films. Films that have originated from Black List screenplays have earned over $26 billion worldwide and have received 45 Oscars. Learn about how Franklin curates the Black List here.



FilmBuff is an award-winning distribution company that specializes in releasing independent films theatrically and through video on demand. FilmBuff partners with creative filmmakers, publishers and brands to reach, engage and inspire viewers around the world. The company’s library comprises titles ranging from feature films, factual television and some of the finest recent documentaries including Exit Through the Gift Shop and Senna.

About The Individualists
Proudly presented by Autograph Collection Hotels in partnership with Variety Studios, The individualists celebrates the art of storytelling in a series of portraits and short films. Personal anecdotes from independent leaders in film explore individuality and its affect on their lives and their craft. The individualists is proudly presented by autograph collection hotels in partnership with variety studios.

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