The Mark

Hotel Xenia: Defined by Courtesy, Refined By Culture

[xeníā] | A Greek Virtue and Word Translating to “Hospitality” or “Guest-friendship”

Greece is known for many things, but perhaps most endearing is the consistent, unwavering warmth and hospitality of its local people. The word “Xenia” can be traced back to ancient Greek times when popular belief concluded Gods were living among men. As a result, it was required that every stranger be met with extraordinary kindness.

Though modern belief evolved, the lasting pride and reputation for hospitality remained. This level of service is so admired that our namesake property, Hotel Xenia, in London adopted the Greek motto: “The host must be hospitable to the guest. No matter if human or divine, he will provide him with food, drink, bath and gifts when they leave.”

Guests of Hotel Xenia live out this mantra in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea through the hotel’s thoughtful service. Honoring the Greek way, Hotel Xenia, Autograph Collection, welcomes guests with a specially crafted Xenia Ambrosia fig jam named “καλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ” or “Welcome.”

Hotel Xenia encourages visitors to celebrate Greek warmth and cuisine throughout their stay. Xenia Ambrosia can be enjoyed during an afternoon tea with jams, specialty cake, and fig macaroons, or as an evening cocktail in the Living Wall bar.

No matter where you find yourself, Hotel Xenia welcomes you.