Art Lovers Welcome


A thoughtful hotel experience in an eclectic South London neighborhood, this six-story hotel has been designed with an affection for the arts.

In a neighborhood known for its artists, creatives and original thinkers, the Bankside Hotel has imagined the fantasy art school of your dreams, and then elevated that feel and finish to create a dynamic destination. 

Hallway at top of staircase with eclectic framed artwork

A welcoming, residential air pervades the Bankside Hotel through the use of handpicked furnishings and specially commissioned artworks. It’s all been created on a very human scale, interesting textures, hidden hi-tech touches and an authentic hospitality makes every space feel welcoming and memorable. 

Wooden framed leather chair and footrest in front of shelf of drawers with artwork and vase on top
Restaurant table set with blue plates by wooden wall art installation and geometric tile floor
Close-up of framed art above bed with white linen, pillows, and white knitted afghan


While art is a prevalent story throughout the hotel, Bankside Hotel truly distinguishes itself through the “Makers in Residence” program. A schedule of rotating emerging artists from the local area who have a dedicated art studio on the premises. They are “in residence” six hours a day, three days a week, creating art that is then displayed around the hotel. Creating an open environment for guests to interact, engage with the artist, learn more about their work and even commission or purchase. Bankside Hotel should surely be on any art lovers bucket list.