Visionaries obsess about detail, work painstakingly hard to achieve perfection, and sacrifice everything to realize their vision. So, even the littlest of things are considered. They create hotels with a story. That have soul. You can feel the devotion in every sinew of the experience. In this series of articles you'll find the vision, dedication, and stories brought to life.

Grand Designs

With interiors inspired by clocks, cowbells, chocolate, and coins, the Kameha Grand is Swiss bliss

To Revel in All Things Swiss As the designer Marcel Wanders says of his idiosyncratic hotel, Kameha Grand Zurich, in Glattpark, Zurich’s new business district: “Others offer an interior design, but we offer a reason for a visit – we create a destination.” And the reason to visit this destination? To revel in all things Swiss. …

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