Visionaries obsess about detail, work painstakingly hard to achieve perfection, and sacrifice everything to realize their vision. So, even the littlest of things are considered. They create hotels with a story. That have soul. You can feel the devotion in every sinew of the experience. In this series of articles you'll find the vision, dedication, and stories brought to life.

The House A Duke Built

AC Santo Mauro – Hotel No. 15 One hundred years ago, it was a folly: a residence for entertaining titled relatives and visit...


Material Gain

Cotton House, Barcelona – Hotel No. 78 Acclaimed Catalan artist and designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán has worked on many projects,...


Play Naughty, Sleep Saintly

The Saint Hotel – No. 29 When commercial pilot Mark Wyant got stuck in New Orleans en route to his home in Dallas, he never ...