Screenwriters in Residence

2018 Screenwriters in Residence with Maggie Gyllenhaal

Storytelling, individuality, and diversity are at the core of Autograph Collection’s brand ethos. There is an inherent synergy between the unique stories of each individual Autograph Collection hotel and the stories told on cinema screens—each crafted to inspire, provoke, and connect us.

Through the brand’s Indie Film Project, we have committed to lifting the voices of independent filmmaking, from actors to screenwriters and the multitudes of talent in-between. Maggie Gyllenhaal, award-winning actress, producer and indie film powerhouse, joins Autograph Collection as Independent Film Advisor to the brand’s multi-faceted Indie Film Project: a platform, designed to support the art of storytelling by shining a light on today’s most promising screenwriters, filmmakers, and distributors working in independent film.

This year, we’re thrilled to announce the 2018 Screenwriters in Residence program: a platform dedicated to empowering emerging female screenwriters. Gyllenhaal lends her indie filmmaking ingenuity by curating this year’s three powerful female screenwriters, each of whom expresses individuality and an independent spirit. The selected screenwriters, all of whom have been featured on Hollywood’s buzzed-about Black List, are invited to take residence at Autograph Collection Hotels around the world, offering an inspiring space, uninterrupted time, and unrivaled hospitality to polish an existing script or develop new material.

Independent Film Advisor, Maggie Gyllenhaal, with 2018 Screenwriters in Residence participants, Sarah Jane Inwards, Amanda Idoko, and Chiara Towne

In her role, Gyllenhaal has been personally inspired by Virginia Woolf’s famed feminist 1929 essay “A Room of One’s Own,” which argues the importance of literal and figurative space that women writers need within a literary tradition dominated by men, stating: “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” Its message of refuge evokes the same sentiment that the brand’s Screenwriters in Residence program aims to give emerging screenwriters.

I think the words of Virginia Woolf – written almost 90 years ago – still ring true,” said Maggie Gyllenhaal. “We are at a moment, culturally, when people are hungry for stories that are emotionally true, rooted in diversity; and reflective of different voices. I am proud to support emerging female screenwriters in independent film, which has always been a place you can tell stories in an honest and authentic way.”

Whether the screenwriters choose Hotel am Steinplatz in Berlin or El Mangroove in Costa Rica, these retreats are designed to be exactly like nothing else and spark inspiration for creative storytelling.  Last year, screenwriters including Liz Hannah, who wrote the Oscar-nominated film The Post; Minhal Baig, whose Black List screenplay HALA is being screened at TIFF; and Christopher Salmanpour, were among those chosen for the brand’s 2017 Screenwriters in Residence program. Watch their experiences HERE.

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Photos by Celeste Sloman